For the release of the new Samsung SSD Portable T1, a compact, durable and fast external USB storage drive, we were tasked with a brief to create a social activation for their global Facebook page.
With a great deal of understanding of the type of content Samsung SSD fans engage with, we designed a competition to educate the fans about the main features and benefits of the T1. Each one was created to be a fun, and interactive piece of competition that got the fans talking.
As a result, we generated the idea, created a persona for the users, and four content pieces explaining each feature Samsung wanted to concentrate on.
As a result, the campaign achieved a total of 21,404 interactions, 24 times higher than the SSD page’s average interaction rate. The activation content led to a total of 962 shares across all posts.
Overall, the campaign reached 4,465,680 users, almost twice as high as the Tech Confessions competition earlier in the year.
Copy: From portability to fast transfer speeds, our SSD T1 offers a wide range of benefits for both work and play. Tomorrow we meet Tony, an entrepreneur using the T1 to help him stay on top of his business.
We’ll be giving away four 1 TB SSD T1s to some lucky fans who help Tony solve some puzzles. Stay tuned!
Copy: Designed with laser patterning and black chrome metalizing finishing, our SSD T1 is sleek and premium – it is the perfect match for Tony’s professional look.
Here’s Tony at the meeting location, can you spot the differences?
You have until the 6th April to solve this puzzle Ts and Cs Apply –
Copy: Measuring just 71.0x9.2x53.2mm and weighing around 30 grams, our SSD T1 is portable and lightweight for carrying data with you anywhere.
Can you spot where Tony has placed his T1 in this image?
You have until the 13th April to solve this puzzle Ts and Cs Apply –
Copy: Sporting a top level AES 256-bit encryption, there’s no better way for Tony to carry his data around with him whilst being secure.
Fancy a 1TB SSD T1? Help Tony solve this code for a chance of winning one. Hint: the binary codes are in base 2.
You have until the 9th of April to solve this puzzle. Ts and Cs Apply –
Copy: Driven by TurboWrite Technology, our SSD T1 can deliver superfast read-write speeds of up to 450 MB/s.
You can experience those transfer speeds too. Simply answer this question for a chance of winning a 1TB SSD T1.
‘Tony worked on a 50GB video file before his meeting. He then transferred the file using his USB 3.0 port from his laptop to his SSD T1. He later modified the file and saved it again at 45.7GB. He then compressed the file to 39.6GB before transferring the files to his client’s laptop using a USB 2.0. How long did it take him to transfer the file?’
You have until the 16th April to solve this puzzle Ts and Cs Apply –
Copy: Thanks for helping Tony with his meeting today. He was able take his data with him on his compact SSD T1, and securely access his files at the remote office location.
Winners will be announced next week.
Copy: Well done to Winners, hope you enjoyed the T1 Challenges
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