Ahead of Samsung Mobile’s release of their new Smart Sleep device, we were tasked with creating content that would demonstrate its capabilities, and its connectivity potentials for a smart home.
After some research, we created various imageries showing what the device is and its potential use with other connected devices in a smart home. This was to also tease the audience about the future of connected devices coming from Samsung.
Although Samsung opted to use another agency after pitching, our work looked very similar to the end product, designs and contents created. We include this work as a result of how close we were to what Samsung had in mind.
This image shows a scientific testing environment showing the SmartSleep being tested.

Copy: The Samsung SmartSleep features technology developed by sleep experts to ensure that your rest is monitored with 90% accuracy. With FDA certification, you can sleep smarter with data you can trust!
A mattress with SmartSleep activated. There is a subject sleeping and as the video progresses using the timeline, the subject moves to reflect the sleep stages. At each sleep stage, a chart appears with lines drawn at each stage to show what is happening. The stages can then be selected to reveal more information using ThingLink. This post is interactive and will allow the audience to click the stages to educate them on sleep analysis and tips.
Copy: Wondering how well you slept, or want to improve your sleep pattern? The Samsung SmartSleep monitors your rest in real time and generates personalised reports and tips tailored to you.
This video clip will show the SmartSleep activated with a chart and timeline of the subject’s sleep pattern. As the subject’s sleep progresses, various gadgets appears as they are connected and introduced into the clip. For example, as the temperature rises, SmartSleep activates the AC to ensure the room temperature is optimal for sleep.
Copy: You can sleep more soundly with the Samsung SmartSleep. It intelligently connects to other smart gadgets to give you the best night’s rest.

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