Samsung Mobile were looking for ways to extend their social reach using reactive content. The challenge here is that you can’t predict when there will be an opportunity to create a reactive content that is also relevant to the brand. Luckily, the #thedress was viral as the world tried to decide what colour a dress was.
So as #thedress was trending, I created a transparent PNG of an image that has three Samsung Mobile devices on it, using Twitter's native design to change the colour of the middle phone. 
When seeing the image on a Twitter timeline it appears the middle phone is white but when clicking on it to expand the image it appears black (see video below). With the Galaxy S5 available in a variety of colours, this was a great opportunity to show creativity, the devices available and be relevant with the trend.
See Live Twitter Here for above Tweet.

A blizzard hit North America early 2015 and #blizzardof2015 started trending worldwide and CNN covered the story via video on their Twitter feed. Parts of the video showed people using their mobile devices which was the perfect opportunity to tell people a good feature of having a Samsung device during the wet climate. See above.

Rumours about a new Ghost Busters film started trending on Twitter, so we jumped at the chance to create a simple asset, changing the catchphrase from 'Who you gonna call? Ghost Busters' to fit more fitting for Samsung Mobile whilst having a Samsung Device calling the Ghost Busters number.

So after the incident of Madonna fallen off the stage at the Brit Awards, to avoid any negativity or mocking the situation, we went for a light-hearted hearted dad joke about a subject not relevant to Madonna. See Tweet above.

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